ITME Discusses Opportunities In India

ITME Discusses Opportunities In India

India International Textile Machinery Exhibitions Society ( ITME ) organized a dinner meeting at NH Fiera, Milan on November 16 to promote the opportunities in India for textile machinery manufactures, which was attended by Industry members, Associations, government officials from various countries. 17 associations and more than 50 multinational companies from 17 countries were present to submit presentations. Basant K. Gupta, Indian ambassador to Italy and Raoul Ascari, chief global development officer, SACE were, among the high-profile personalities at the venue.

Raoul Ascari spoke about the support offered by the organization SACE to Italian companies interested in investing in India.  SACE has an office in Mumbai and can be contacted at The presentations generated much interest among the guests and definitely will lead to future activities beneficial for the textile and textile engineering industry of both India and Italy.

Addressing the gathering Gupta, spoke about the various textile parks and schemes initiated by Government of India which is expected to create more opportunities for textile machinery manufacturers and textile companies in India.

He highlighted various schemes by the Indian Government to encourage “Make in India” and create the high demand for modern textile machinery in the country. This was accentuated by the fact that ITMA Milan attracted 11,070 visitors from India ranking highest in number only next to host country Italy.

Raju Paithankar, Indian Textile Technologist presented about the traditional textile fabric of India “Pashmina Cashmere” rare and luxury fibre obtained from a specific breed of goats which survive at a height of 17,000 feet in Ladakh. This fibre is very much sought after globally and the goats are taken care by local tribes Changpas. Paithankar and two Italian companies Loro Piana and Reda are jointly doing extensive work for producing and promoting this traditional fabric from India.