Iranian Study On Nanofibers At Desirable Size

NanofibersIranian researchers conducting study on the effective parameters on the production of polymeric nanofibers through electrospinning method, which has led to the possibility of producing nanofibers with desirable diameter and size.

In this research, composite nanofibers of polycaprolactone/hydroxyapatite nanoparticles were produced through electrospinning method, and the effects of various process conditions were studied on the average diameter of the produced nanofibers.

Results of this research can detect a range of variables that lead to the production of nanofibers at desirable size. Therefore, production costs reduce while the desirable nanofibers are produced faster. Effective parameters that affect the average diameter of the final nanofibers are polymer concentration, voltage and current of solution.

More textiles with waterproof and antibacterial properties can be produced by using these nanofibers in case other polymers are added to them. In addition, polymeric nanofibers can be used as filters and membranes in separation and purification industries.

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