Smriti Irani Assures All Possible Help To Weavers

Smriti Irani Assures All Possible Help To Weavers

The new textile minister, Smriti Irani has thanked the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi for placing her in charge of a sector that employs the largest number of people, next only to agriculture.

After talking charge of the department, Irani said that the sector has a lot of unrealised potential in terms of creating skill and employment, and that it can play a very important role in scaling up the ‘Make In India’ vision of the Prime Minister.

She noted that the textiles sector provides employment to a large number of women, and that she will continue the efforts being taken under the leadership of The Prime Minister to help increase the exports of the sector.

Citing that the weavers are the foundation of the sector, Irani assured that the government would strive to help them to the maximum possible extent.

Emphasising on the huge opportunity for skilled personnel, the minister said that besides improving the skills of the people already engaged in the sector, she would also take steps to bring more youngsters into the field.