Indian Threads to Sell 10,000 Shirts from March

Indian Threads to Sell 10,000 Shirts from March

Indian Threads, an online destination for men that brings the most premium men’s shirts, plans to sell over 10,000 shirts from March onwards. The company is currently selling over 6,000 shirts every month.

The Indore based company has come a long way, thanks to a solid understanding of its niche and a dynamic platform whose breadth of multichannel integrations is helping it expand.

“Our deal is for common men’s wardrobe, which is not going to change for the next decade. A few changes in trends do come over the time period; even we are always excited to serve them something new. Although our style is magnetic, from classics to trending, we have a vast product change,” company’s co-founder, Abhishek Rawal said.

Mr. Rawal said that they are planning to introduce different products like T- shirts, men’s bottom wear, suits, blazers and accessories. They also aim to open their own brand store all over India in the next five years and expand it by exporting to different countries.

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