'Indian Handloom Brand' Tag For Chettinad Sarees

Indian Handloom Brand Tag For Chettinad Sarees

The Textiles ministry has given the Indian Handloom Brand tag to Chettinad cotton sarees, which would enable them to promote the material in the international market.

The India Handloom Brand is an endorsement to quality of the handloom products right from its inception that is raw material, processing, embellishments, design besides compliances of social and environment.

The move comes as a big boost to a group of 650 weavers from Koviloor and Karaikudi under the Rajiv Gandhi Weavers’ Co-operative Society in Tamil Nadu’s Sivaganga district.

S Palaniappan, president of the society, said when its members attended the textile conference in Chennai last August, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was impressed with their products.

Palaniappan said the society provides yarn to the weavers who spin the beautiful intricately designed sarees in different hues. “This is the traditional saree of the region, characterised by its silk-like texture and contrasting border and bodies colours, with intricate designs adorning the border,” he said.

The society has about 650 weavers, most of them women who are paid for their weaving, which they predominantly undertake in their homes. They comply with specifications of the textiles committee of 60 x60 (warp and weft) and also use permitted dyes. “The sarees are suitable for both summer and winter, where it can keep the body warm or cool according to the climate,” Palaniappan said.

“The colours of these sarees never fade, and unlike other cotton sarees, those will retain their 48-inch width even after umpteen number of machine or hand washes,” a report said.