Indian Denim Industry Boom by Autocoro 9 Technology

Indian Denim Industry Boom by Autocoro 9 Technology

The Indian denim market is booming. In the last five years, turnover has risen by 15 per cent to a volume of 4.5 billion US dollar. Experts anticipate that the 8 billion US dollar mark will be reached by 2023.

The development of denim yarn production in India has been correspondingly dynamic, with the Autocoro 9 being one of the motors behind this growth.

With a market share of over 90 per cent, the Autocoro plays a major role in the growth and value added in the Indian textile industry. Developed by Schlafhorst, this innovation has rrevolutionized rotor spinning mills in India and set entirely new standards in productivity and efficiency thanks to the individual spinning position drive.

Sudarshan Jeans Pvt Ltd, is one of the biggest denim manufacturers in India and is also the largest India- based customer for the Autocoro 8 and Autocoro 9 made by the German textile machinery manufacturer Schlafhorst. No Indian company operates more Autocoro rotor spinning machines from the latest Autocoro generation than the market leader from Kolhapur in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

The company has already enjoyed many years of highly successful production with the Autocoro 8. The outstanding extra advantages provided by the new Autocoro 9, which was exhibited at ITMA 2015 in Milan, immediately convinced Sudarshan to invest in this model.

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