India will contribute 24% of World’s Cotton Output in 2018/19

India will contribute 24% of World’s Cotton Output in 2018/19

World cotton production in 2018-19 is predicted at 120.4 million bales. Though it is decreased by 2 per cent (2.4 million bales) from the last year, but still one of the largest crops during the last five seasons.

According to the latest report – ‘Cotton and Wool report’ by the Economic Research Service of US Department of Agriculture (USDA), India for the fourth consecutive season is anticipated to be the largest cotton producer in 2018/19. Unchanged from the last year, the crop is projected at 28.5 million bales, the largest since 2014/15 due to offset by a reduction in harvested area and a rebound in yield.

The report also outlook cotton production in China at 26.5 million bales (down 1.0 million bales) in 2018-19, as area is reduced slightly and yield declines from the 2017-18 record 1,761 kg/hectare to 1,722 kg/hectare—the second largest—as approximately 80 per cent of China’s cotton is now grown in the high-yielding Xinjiang region in north-western China.

On the other hand, Brazil and Pakistan production of cotton are projected to increase for 2018-19, as area gains are expected to offset yield declines. For Brazil, production is estimated at 9.0 million bales (up 0.1 million bales) in 2018-19, the largest since a similar amount was produced in 2010-11. For Pakistan, cotton production is forecast at 8.5 million bales (up 0.3 million bales) in 2018-19, the highest in 4 years.

Meanwhile, 2018-19 production in Australia is estimated at only 3.8 million bales (down 1.1 million bales) as area and yield are expected below a year earlier. In US too, production is anticipated to decrease by 1.4 million bales, the report stated.

India is forecast to account for 24 per cent of the world’s cotton output in 2018-19.

In totality, Global cotton harvested area in 2018-19 is projected at 32.9 million hectares (81.3 million acres), 1 per cent below 2017-18. The world cotton yield is forecast at 797 kg/hectare (711 pounds per harvested acre) in 2018-19, slightly below the previous year but 4 per cent above the 5-year average.

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