Garment Exports India

In Value-Added Garment Exports India Can Beat China

Garment Exports IndiaIndia can beat China and Bangladesh in value-added garment exports, according to a top official of Li & Fung, which designs customised supply chain solutions for the world’s most successful retailers and brands.

“In the current situation, there is a possibility of lot of business in value-added garment segment moving from China to India. It is because India has everything—be it raw materials base both for natural as well as man-made fibre, technical capability, labour force or thriving markets,” Manish Bharti, vice president and country head, Li & Fung India, said.

“In fact, India has all ingredients to be successful in textiles and beat China and Bangladesh both,” if ‘Make in India’ initiative launched by the Government of India has to succeed, textiles has to play a very important and major role, Bharti said.

“India needs comprehensive textile policy considering all components and segments of entire value chain of textiles rather than segment specific approach, which will not yield any results,” he added.

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