New Rule 43B(H)

Impact of New Rule 43B(H) on MSME Textile & Apparel Traders & Manufacturers

In a recent development concerning India’s textile and apparel industry, the South India Garment Association (SIGA) has penned a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, expressing concerns over the impact of Rule 43B(H) on micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

India’s textile and garment industry is a key contributor to employment, providing livelihoods to over fifteen crore individuals directly and indirectly. However, the industry is facing unprecedented challenges, compounded by factors such as the rise of online retail giants and the entry of large corporations into garment retailing.

SIGA highlights the adverse effects of Rule 43B(H) on the industry, including a decline in bookings for the upcoming summer season and increased order cancellations by retailers. The association underscores the importance of flexibility in payment processes, especially considering the intricate dynamics of the fashion-based industry.

In conclusion, SIGA urges the government to reconsider and repeal Rule 43B(H) in the textile and apparel sector. The implications of this regulation could have far-reaching consequences for MSME entrepreneurs, while larger corporations stand to benefit. It is crucial to initiate dialogue and collaborative efforts to address these challenges and ensure the sustainable growth of India’s textile and apparel industry.

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