ICC to Showcase Flat Tops Height Measuring Device at India ITME

ICC to Showcase Flat Tops Height Measuring Device at India ITME

Indian Card Clothing (ICC) Ltd, Indian manufacturer and exporter of card clothing and card room accessories, will showcase its ‘Tops Height Measuring’ (THM) device, an innovative ‘On Card’ technology, to solve uncertainty faced by spinners in the carding department at the upcoming India ITME ’16.

THM device can measure flat tops variations on the machine and can also be digitalized. This new device takes the data and presents in such a way that a user can identify essential data in laptop or PC in Microsoft Excel file format.

The data which can be identified includes overall flat tops height variation, measured in individual flats online, how much grinding cut will be required to get a certain level of variation standard, how many points will be ground to achieve the required level.

“So far, in case of flat tops maintenance, there is no scientific method available with the mill technicians, to check the tops height evenness on card, and the contributing factors in case of variations. The company understood the need and developed the THM to address this problem,” Prasad Mahale, vice president – sales and marketing of ICC said.

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