IATF Inauguration by Mr. Buti Al Ghandi, Vice Chairman of Dubai World Trade Center, Launches Fashion Extravaganza

On the first day of the International Apparel & Textile Fair (IATF), Mr. Buti Al Ghandi, Dubai World Trade Center’s Vice Chairman, orchestrated the grand opening at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Crafted with finesse by Nihalani Events Management, this fashion spectacle guarantees an immersive experience, captivating enthusiasts until November 29th.

In the inaugural discussions, Mr. Pradip Kochar, the skilled Managing Editor of Indian-Apparel.com, engaged Mr. Buti Al Ghandi in a dialogue, unveiling the latest developments in the dynamic UAE landscape. Mr. Buti underscored the Middle East’s pivotal role as the fourth-largest exporter of fashion and clothing accessories, contributing to about 5.5% of world trade. As the IATF unfolds, it becomes a platform for exploration and celebration of the region’s impactful presence in the global fashion arena.

“AEPC Chairman Mr. Ashok G Rajani, in conversation with Mr. Pradip Kochar, praises the IATF fair’s success, highlighting a noticeable increase in participant numbers from the previous event.”