Home Delivery By Shoppers Stop To Cut Queues

Shoppers StopShoppers Stop has piloted a special queue-busting service this end-of-season sale at select stores, wherein shoppers can fill their shopping bags and drop them off with their address details at a dedicated zone. They can pay for it when the retailer delivers the products at their doorstep.

“During sale, a lot of people get tired and drop the bag,” Govind Shrikhande, managing director at Shoppers Stop said. “In a normal situation, drop off bags account for just one per cent but during sale, it can go up to 4 to 6 per cent. While the queues are longer, there are more items in the bags too. So, if we are able to recover even half those bags, it’s a great addition to our sales,” he said.

The departmental store also plans to offer Wi-Fi in its outlets to help customers navigate the stores, find brands and offers and shop online from the store itself, as part of its efforts to woo customers to its shops at a time when more and more Indians are taking to online shopping.

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