Heat-Mx Worldwide introduces iDown Technology

Heat-Mx Worldwide introduces iDown Technology

Heat-Mx Worldwide today announced patent pending iDown Technology, which provides a revolutionary technology platform enabling significant performance benefits and cost savings. Consumers, brands, and manufacturers of such products as apparel and home furnishings made using down feather material – including garments, duvet covers, or pillows – will benefit from performance enhancements including:

  • Odour control through moisture / sweat extraction out of down/feather material
  • Down leak prevention (No need to use coated fabrics for down proof. Down leaks prevented even through needle holes)
  • Significant reduction in down/feather consumption while providing same level of puffiness and warmth.
  • Easy wash-at-home capability
  • Improved thermal efficiency with NO-COLD-SPOT Technology
  • High thermal efficiency even in wet weather conditions
  • Sustainable RECYCLABLE technology
  • Wind proof / water resistance functionalities
  • No chemical treatment for all the above functionalities

iDown technology also provides a great degree of flexibility for manufacturers eager to adopt it. There is no need to change existing manufacturing processes as well as the source and quality of down/feather material

“The breakthrough technology brings consumers many performance benefits. It can also help brands and manufacturers achieve significant savings on manufacturing costs”, Sae Chang, President of CONSULTATION HANCO, inventor and owner of the iDown Technology said.

“Some of our customers calculated cost savings of $2 ~ over $10* per garment unit. When considering the performance benefits combined with the cost savings, this may be one of the most important technological breakthroughs in down/feather industry in the last several hundreds of years”.

Sae Chang went on to say, “While iDown technology has numerous benefits, the most significant advantage for consumers may be the fact that it extracts moisture and sweat out of down feather material. Down feather material has its affinity to water and moisture. It does not release water and moisture into the air easily, which in turn provides fertile ground for bacterial growth. A lot of sweat is given off, even in inactivity, as the body needs to maintain constant temperature. During mild exertion, such as a brisk walk, the body can generate as much as 1 liter of sweat per hour. With the current method of making down garments, sweat created by our body goes into down feather material, which in turn creates issues mentioned above. Our iDown technology offers an innovative non-woven fabric structure, developed by HEAT-MX, which helps moisture and sweat migrate out of down feather material. This feature of iDown technology helps consumers enjoy exceptional warmth offered by down feather material without adverse effects created by sweat and moisture in down feather material”.

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