HEAT-MX Unveils its No Micro-Fiber (NMF) Technology

HEAT-MX Unveils its No Micro-Fiber (NMF) Technology

HEAT-MX WORLDWIDE recently announces NMFTM (No Micro-Fiber) Technology developed for environmental benefits in its LOFT MX, STRETCH MX and VEGAN DOWN MX product categories. “We are facing large man-made environmental issues due to microplastic contaminations in our water systems globally.

 According to recent studies, microplastics are found in 93 per cent of bottled water around the world and beer, on average, has 4.05 man-made particles, mostly plastic fibres, per litre. Ingesting microplastics could cause a number of potentially harmful health effects, including inflammation and creating compounds containing toxic metals such as mercury, and organic pollutants such as some pesticides and chemicals called dioxins, which are known to cause cancer as well as reproductive and developmental problems, according to Rachel Adams, a senior lecturer in Biomedical Science at Cardiff Metropolitan University.” said Sae Chang, President of HEAT-MX WORLDWIDE, inventor and owner of several patent-pending technologies in the industry.

Sae went on to say, “Although we are making this announcement now in light of the industry’s awareness on the microplastic contamination issue, we have applied the NMFTM (No Micro-Fiber) Technology from the very beginning of the product engineering since the inception of our company. Although many competitive brands had long emphasized the use of microfibers as an important reason for the performance of their products’ thermal efficiency, we took a different approach in creating the highest level of thermal efficiency in the industry, which was essentially to avoid using weak microfibers.

By taking this refreshing approach, we have been able to create our proprietary Long-Range Thermal Dynamics (LRTD) Technology and it has also helped us successfully engineer our products not only with the highest level of thermal efficiency in the industry but also high compression resistance which is essential for durable performance after washing and repeated usage. We are confident to say that consumers using our HEAT-MXTM products will benefit from the most performing insulation products in the market while contributing to a healthier environment.”

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