Harley Davidson looking for expansion of its apparel stores in India

Harley Davidson looking for expansion of its apparel stores in India

The motorcycle maker US-based, Harley-Davidson is planning to unveil 8 – 12 outlets in the Western and Northern parts of India by 2018 to engage and inspire potential consumers to buy their luxury bikes as well. The maker has signed a deal with the US-based clothing company, G-III Apparel Group, to create, design and retail their apparel products across the Asian market.

Karen Davidson, Creative Director, Harley-Davidson Motor clothes revealed that the next two stores will be opened in Varanasi and Goa. The brand recently on May 21, 2018, opened a store at South City Mall in Kolkata as well. The agreement between the two US companies’ states that G-III will create a network for Harley’s apparel stores in the Asia-Pacific market. Earlier, the company had opened stores in Kolkata, Siliguri (West Bengal), Dimapur (Nagaland) and Imphal (Manipur).

Karen said, “We are looking to gradually grow our number of stores in India. We are still thinking about it, anyone who comes to the brand comes through our merchandise. This is how we get to the dreamers.” She added that this partnership with G-III goes along with the company’s continuing strategy to build the next generation riders with lifestyle apparel.

Karen further said that in the US the percentage of women bikers is around 12 per cent, while over here (India) it is still at a budding stage. The company hopes that ‘Ladies for Harley’ community can help to change the numbers in India.

Since the day Harley-Davidson started its retail operations in the Indian market, the company claims that it has made a huge impact on their popularity and that has resulted in sales of more than 20,000 motorcycles.

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