Herbal Sari

Handwoven Herbal Sari By Jute Weavers Association

Herbal SariAnakaputhur Jute Weavers’ Association which has been known for using innovative methods has recently launched handwoven ‘herbal’ sari. The unique sari is spun with cotton yarn, which is dyed with natural colours and is immersed into a liquid paste made of tulsi, neem and turmeric. The medicinal properties of these plants act as remedy for all kinds of skin diseases, association president C Sekar said.

Handloom saris may be all the rage but a ‘herbal’ sari, infused with tulsi, neem and turmeric, is setting a new yardstick for the traditional Indian drape. The sarees are priced at Rs. 2,500 and shirts are available for Rs. 1,200.

At the launch, Sekar requested the government to allot more funds for the weavers to help create awareness about their products. Tamil Nadu State Planning Commission deputy chairperson, Santha Sheela Nair, accepted the request and said that there are more than 6 lakh weavers in the state and around 18 schemes for them at present, but the government is ready to provide funds and welcomes new projects which will promote the handloom industry.

The association had earlier come out with a sari woven with banana fibre mixed with cotton or silk. In 2012, the association had made it to the Limca Book of World Records for weaving a sari with 25 natural fibres. Dresses woven out of natural fibres were in great demand both inside and outside the country, Sekar added.

There is plenty of scope for weavers to make sufficient money if they take up weaving of natural fibre with help and encouragement from the government.

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