Green Digital Fabric Printing By ColorJet

Green Digital Fabric Printing By ColorJet

ColorJet Group, the largest manufacturer of digital inkjet printers in India is participating in the Knit Show being held at Tirupur from August seven and will be introducing its direct to fabric digital printing machines using water based pigment inks aimed at green digital fabric printing.

ColorJet will be showcasing samples printed on its best-selling direct to fabric digital printing machines; the METRO and VASTRAJET, which use the groundbreaking and environmentally friendly, water based pigment inks.

Traditionally, printing through all other inks whether through screen or digital, a square metre of fabric consumes approximately 100 litres of water till finishing. Major pollutants in the discharged waste water are highly suspended solids, chemical oxygen demand, acidity etc.

This waste water if not treated properly, pollutes the environment. Water based pigment inks are the answer to the pollution challenges faced by the fabric screen printers of Tirupur and its surroundings.

ColorJet Group markets its products in 14 countries worldwide. Founded in 2004, the company maintains its operations via two manufacturing facilities and sales offices spread across seven countries, which include India, China, Bangladesh, UAE and Sri Lanka. The group has installed and implemented over 4,000 of its printing solutions and products across 315 cities around the world.