Govt supports for the growth of handloom industry in Telangana

Govt supports for the growth of handloom industry in Telangana

Telangana minister for handlooms and industries, K Taraka Rama Rao has sought set up of a separate corporation for wide marketing and increase in sales of handloom items. Besides, the industry will also receive incentives from the state and centre for its development.

To meet the state’s requirement of yarn worth Rs. 206 crore a year, the state government will support the handloom industry with 40 per cent input subsidy of Rs. 82 crore apart from the 10 per cent subsidy assured by the centre, minister said. With having financial assistance from the government, it is the duty of authorities to support the handloom weavers and increase demand for their items, the minister said.

Earlier, Rao had appealed to government officials, party leaders and students of all state-run educational institutions to wear handloom clothes at least once in a week.

Geo-tagging and Aadhaar-linking of all the 16,776 handlooms functioning in Telangana under 5,505 weavers’ societies was completed in a recent survey of the handloom industry. These linkages will help the government implement welfare schemes for the handloom weavers.

The officials of the handlooms department have also carried out a study of the Cooptex of Tamil Nadu in order to work on the same model in Telangana.

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