Govt completing fourth statistics of Handloom Weavers

Govt completing fourth statistics of Handloom Weavers

The government is doing the fourth national statistics of handloom weavers and united workers to get a practical photo of their essence and tailor arrangements for their welfare. It has just begun examining information for this reason. The activity is required to get finished by December 2017 after which photo identity cards would be issued to the workers.

The cards will make the weavers and different workers qualified for profiting benefits under the government welfare plans. New information will assist the government in achieving the handloom workers with welfare plans, as indicated by an office report.

As indicated by the 2009-10 evaluation, there were 43.31 lakh handloom workers in the nation, of which 36.33 lakh were in country ranges and 6.98 lakh workers were dwelling in urban territories.

However, the Development Commissioner (Handlooms) under the authoritative control of Union Textiles Ministry trusts the genuine figure was lower and expects the new evaluation information to all the more precisely mirror the quantity of handloom workers.

“The census that started in 2009 was jinxed, somehow it could not conclude properly. It was fraught with confusion with allegations of it not being conducted properly. The figure of 43 lakh weavers we quote right now is based on that tentative 2009-10 census figure, knowing very well from inside that this is not the correct figure. The actual figure must be less,” Development Commissioner (Handlooms) Shantmanu said.

However, the office of the Development Commissioner (Handlooms) under the Union Textile Ministry is presently grouping evaluation information utilizing a house-to-house overview and furthermore getting it cross checked with organizations like state government offices for a more sensible picture, Shantmanu added.

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