Gokyo Outdoor Apparel Brand Targets Rs 100cr In Revenue

Gokyo Outdoor Apparel Brand Targets Rs 100cr In Revenue

Mumbai-based outdoor apparel and gear brand Gokyo intends to achieve at least triple its annual growth and is targeting to become an Rs 100 crore plus brand in the next five years.

The brand also has plans to launch its products in over 30 retail locations, which includes both, exclusive brand outlets (EBOs) and shop-in-shops by the end of fiscal 2025-26.

Gokyo started online and later transitioned to offline with its first flagship store in April 2023 in Mumbai. Today, it operates over eight outlets across Mumbai, Bengaluru, West Bengal, and Srinagar.

“We have been expanding our presence with shop-in-shops and will also open EBO’s in Nasik, Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Chennai, and more,” Venkatesh Maheshwari, founder of Gokyo said.

“Currently, Gokyo has over 150 stock-keeping units (SKUs) across outdoor apparel, accessories, gear, and footwear,” India Retailing reported.

Gokyo was founded in 2022 by Maheshwari after nearly three decades of working in the global apparel industry across India, Canada, the US and the UK.

An avid adventurer who climbed Everest in 2018, he identified a gap in the retail market for trekkers and explorers.

Motivated by his passion for both mountains and apparel, he seized the opportunity to merge these interests through Gokyo.

“With over 10,000 trekking operators in India, along with a rise in trekkers and students heading abroad to colder climates, the demand for outdoor wear is rapidly growing,” Maheshwari added.

“This increasing necessity prompted me to capitalise on the opportunity,” Maheshwari informed.

The name Gokyo was inspired by Gokyo Ri, a peak in the Nepal Himalayas with a 360-degree view of the Everest region.

Currently, the company sells exclusively through its website and Amazon for online purchases.

“As our physical presence continues to grow, online sales will remain dominant, constituting approximately 80 percent of our total sales,” he stated.

The company’s biggest market in the country for these goods is Bengaluru, followed by Pune, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai.