Gokaldas Exports Lay Off 1300 Workers

Gokaldas Exports Lay Off 1300 Workers. The list of apparel companies who have laid off their workers and staff is becoming long. The new addition to this list is the Bengaluru-based famous Indian apparel exporter, Gokaldas Exports.

A notice was posted outside the Euro Clothing Company-II (ECC) informing about this layoff from Monday dated 8th June 2020. ECC is, notably, an arm of Gokaldas Exports.

More than 1,300 workers of the company have been laid off and the plant is closed. Consequently, the fired workers demonstrated and also alleged that the company had paid only half-day salaries since last week of March.

According to the notice, Management of the company has decided to lay off the workers at Srirangapatna plant. The decision is in the interest of the plant and also to save the employment of the workmen.

Gokaldas Exports Lay Off 1300 Workers

Due to COVID-19 business and exports is impacted and that its order position has dwindled to zero. Indian retailers had cancelled their orders with the company at least till the end of the year.

Gokaldas Exports with a capacity of 24000 workers works with many prestigious brands of US and EU, and has around 20 factories in Karnataka.

Unions have been reacting strongly on this. And with regard to this Prathiba R., President, Garment Association Trade Workers Union (GATWU) is of the view that the step taken by the export house is a violation. It is violation of Section 25(m) of the Industrial Disputes Act.

According to her, the company has also removed machinery from the plant. National Trade Union Initiative may challenge this act of the company in court.

Local government officials have an eye on the issue and are trying to mediate a truce between the workers and the company.

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