Globus In Navi Mumbai

Globus In Navi Mumbai

Fashion retailer, Globus has opened its 6,400 sq.ft. store in Navi Mumbai with a look similar to that of an international standard. It has been designed keeping in mind the ongoing and the most popular trends in global retail industry.

The design has adopted a more contemporary approach targeting customers versed with an international shopping experience. Using an aesthetic mix of grey shades, the store houses the brand’s men’s wear, women’s wear and accessories sections. The design is aimed at increasing consumer interest providing more attention to the value of customer satisfaction.

Globus is now present in 20 cities and has 38 outlets across the country. The company is also investing in upgrading its own e-commerce site with all latest features.

The fashion category in India has been growing by 12 per cent to 13 per cent every year for the last five years and fetches higher margins. Most fashion retailers are performing well and better than another sector. One of the initial players in the retail industry, Globus launched its first store in 1998, targeting youth in the age group of 18 to 35.

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