Gender-neutral fashion will dominate trends in 2024

Gender-Neutral Fashion Will Dominate Trends In 2024

Gender-neutral clothing or genderfluid fashion is gaining popularity among the new, young and millennial generation as it is designed without a specific colour or texture.

The new, young and millennial generation wants to be free from traditional constraints that are associated with clothing made for either men or women. 

The fashion garment is designed so as to fit several varieties of body types and the fashion design is neither masculine nor feminine and so is expected to have a significant impact in 2024.

The gender non-conforming consumers always find ways to express who they are, through their fashion apparels, irrespective of cultural context. 

Genderfluid fashion garments in all probability may go mainstream in 2024 as designers defy fashion standards and design apparels that transcend gender boundaries.

The most important part has been played by Indian society in which societal norms have evolved and so there is a growing acceptance of diverse gender identities.

With conversations on gender diversity gaining momentum, fashion trends that will challenge conventional gender norms will gain popularity in 2024.

Fashion designers and brands globally and in India are now designing and showcasing gender neutral fashion clothing, which is adding to the popularity of genderfluid fashion 

Global fashion brands likes ASOS, H&M and Zara and Indian brands like Huemn, Jaywalking, The Pot Plant and Norblack Norwhite have made gender-neutral more accessible by launching collections. 


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