Football Training Jackets By Nike

Nike's JacketsThe American sportswear giant Nike has unveiled a new line of lightweight football training jackets to facilitate free upper body movement of athletes while training.

The jacket has been designed based on opinions collected from the players and key insights sourced from the company’s golfgear design team, which has recently designed a jacket that does not restrict a golf swing.

“We met with hundreds of footballers around the world and their preferences were clear: lightweight and designed for movement,” Mr. Peter Hoppins, Nike Global Football design director said.

“Players were wearing oversized jackets so they wouldn’t feel restricted, or forgoing a jacket altogether because they didn’t like the added weight and bulky look,” he adds while explaining the major inspiration behind the new design.

Made using stretch engineered mesh through the back, shoulders and upper arms, the Nike Revolution Jacket’s sleeves are constructed to move independently of the jacket chassis, providing full range of motion.

Nike specializes in the designing, marketing and distributing of a wide variety of athletic footwear, apparels, equipment and accessories meant for an expansive range of sports and fitness activities.

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