First Personalised Nightwear Studio In Mumbai

First Personalised Nightwear Studio In Mumbai

India’s very first personalised nightwear studio Sentina Dreamwear opened its doors in Goregaon offering an opportunity to wear customised designs in night clothes. The studio is a brainchild of entrepreneur Rupesh Satra.

Satra came up with the idea when he realised that Indian markets almost never offer the perfect fits in the right size for women when it comes to nightwear. Most of what is on offer in stores or online are generalised designs that are not made for specific body types.

Speaking about the concept, Satra said, “When I conceptualised Sentina, I wanted to offer an experience that was unmatched. I had spent a lot of time with retailers and at malls and had seen that women are almost never happy with what is on offer in the nightwear section. They always have to compromise in either the size or the design because there is no personalisation. Sentina is all about nightwear that is every customer’s dream.”

Sentina is a studio that spells refined elegance and tasteful glamour, bringing the best of nightwear designs to customers.

“Sentina also gives customers the opportunity to turn designers themselves because they can speak their mind out and we will give them a piece just like what they have imagined. For those who have seen particular designs on blogs or in movies or even in international brands, Sentina promises to give them designs they wish for,” Satra said.

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