Feier Introduces Activewear Collection In The Indian Market

Feier Introduces Activewear Collection In The Indian Market

Mumbai headquartered lifestyle brand Feier which was founded by fashion designer Natasha Vora has launched an activewear collection in the Indian market.

“The launch also features an innerwear collection which features stretchy, buttery-soft pieces that will quickly become wardrobe essentials due to their exceptional comfort,” the brand said in a press release.

“At Feier, we’ve harnessed the power of seamless technology and vibrant design to craft unique activewear pieces that match up to those of international brands,” the brand added.

“Whether you’re flowing through sunrise yoga or winding down with a sunset stroll, our clothes are designed to seamlessly stretch and move with you throughout your day,” Natasha Vora said.

“Our philosophy revolves around celebrating individuality and empowering our customers to feel fabulous, no matter the occasion,” she added.

The brand encourages mixing and matching, playing with colours, and embracing one’s unique style.

Feier has introduced front leggings, the breathable, intricately designed breeze leggings and also an one shoulder ribbed bra. The brand has also launched a remix set with a top and leggings

Located just two hours from Mumbai, Feier operates out of a cutting-edge facility and is committed to supporting the local community through job opportunities.

The brand’s name, derived from German, translates to ‘celebration,’ reflecting its mission to infuse joy and enthusiasm into everyday life.

Feier is dedicated to creating clothing that not only looks amazing but also makes you feel your absolute best. From a weekday to a weekend approach, Feier focuses on stylish to practical clothing.