Fashion brand Camla Barcelona hosts exclusive fashion showcase

Fashion Brand Camla Barcelona Hosts Exclusive Fashion Showcase

Fashion brand Camla Barcelona hosted an exclusive fashion showcase in Delhi to display its AW’24 collection to its B2B customers.

The Camla Barcelona roadshow offered an exclusive experience, inviting industry experts, collaborators, and media representatives to witness the brand’s newest creations.

The event was a captivating episode, offering attendees a glimpse into global trends that will define Camla Barcelona’s signature style in the next season.

The AW’24 collection features vibrant hues, intricate patterns, and awe-inspiring silhouettes that radiate the essence of cosmopolitan charm.

“From chic casual wear to elegant evening ensembles for men and women, Camla Barcelona continues to push the boundaries of fashion,” a press release from the brand stated.

“We are thrilled to bring the Camla Barcelona Roadshow to Delhi and showcase our AW’24 collections” said Ashish Jain, Director, Camla Barcelona.

“This event presents a unique opportunity for us to connect with our B2B Partners, Industry experts, and introduce them to the upcoming offerings by our brand,” he added.

The attendees also had an interactive session with Camla Barcelona’s design team, which provided insights into the creative process and inspiration behind each collection.



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