Extension Of Anti-Dumping Duty On Chinese POY

Extension Of Anti-Dumping Duty On Chinese POY 12-May-2017

The centre has extended the existing anti-dumping duty of 542.22 US dollar per tonne on partially-oriented yarn (POY) imports from China. The duty would now be applicable till May 1, 2018. POY is used as a raw material in the man-made fibre industry. It is further processed through texturising or draw twisting before being used for weaving or knitting.

The ministry of finance had imposed anti-dumping duty on Chinese POY for a period of five years beginning May 2, 2012.  A sunset review was initiated by the designated authority in the ministry of commerce, following a request filed by Reliance Industries Ltd and supported by some other major companies, according to a report.

The decision of the revenue department, under the ministry of finance, to extend anti-dumping duty for another one year came in ten days after the sunset review investigation was initiated.

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