Tirupur Apparel Industry

Expo Of Imported Gadgets For Tirupur Apparel Industry

Tirupur Apparel IndustryFor the overall benefit of apparel industry, an exhibition of latest imported micro-processor control models of sewing, cutting and printing machines was held at Tirupur in Tamil Nadu on Thursday which was witnessed by industrialists as well as young apparel designers.

Many of the models displayed like the Japan-made world’s first lock stitcher machine with digital feed are yet to be introduced in Tirupur.

Advanced machines like two-needle auto back latchers and those designed specifically to make gents undergarments attracted the visitors. Compact fabric printing machines made in United States were another crowd puller.

The aim behind organizing the event by inviting global manufacturers of such state-of-the-art gadgets is to expose the textile entrepreneurs to the vast potential offered by the micro-processor controlled sewing and cutting machines as it improves competence and reduce human errors as well as wastages in the apparel making.

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