Enhancement Of Weaving Community In Telangana

Enhancement of Weaving Community in Telangana

To enhance the weaving community the state government, the MA&UD Minister Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao has taken few measures by launching the In-situ Upgradation of Plain Powerlooms scheme and ‘Textile Product Mela’ at Sircilla on Friday to help the weavers to develop economically.

Around 15,000 powerlooms will be upgraded into semi-automatic with the In-situ Upgradation scheme launched on Friday and the scheme is being sponsored by both Central and State governments, he said.

Rama Rao elicited information about the benefits of the initiative from the asamis (powerloom owners) and also referring to the Rs 1,280 crore funds allocated in the budget for handloom sector.

Since the TRS party came to power, he said that the government has so far waived off loans to the tune of Rs 15.65 crore to bail out the debt-ridden weavers. Apart from this, the government is exploring every option to assist the handloom sector, he said, referring to the government’s orders and other schemes.

The Apparel Park will be completed within a year and that will signal the economic growth weavers. It will also help 1,100 workers to turn into owners, he added.

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