Digital Mapping to make Apparel Supply Transparent in Bangladesh

Digital Mapping to make Apparel Supply Transparent in Bangladesh

To ensure a transparent apparel supply chain, Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) recently launched a project to digitally map the country’s apparel industry.

The first-of-its-kind project will gather detailed information of all the apparel factories such as name, location, workers employed, product manufactured, export destination and customers or brands it caters to. The authentication of the database generated will be crowd sourced from the public. This will ensure availability of precise and latest information about any company engaged in garment manufacturing.

The project will further complement the efforts the association is taking towards a responsible supply chain in the country.

The first ‘digital map’ will go public in Dhaka, Bangladesh in next year. The final map, which will include the country’s 20 apparel manufacturing regions, will be out in 2021, BGMEA President Siddiqur Rahman said.

Bangladesh RMG industry employs 4 million people and is constantly being reported of issues like long working hours, lack of safety measures, violation of labour rights, and lack of transparency in subcontracting business.

The BGMEA-led project will allow factory officials, garment workers, brands, Government and civil society organizations to bring a change in the industry and improve its overall image, Siddiqur claimed.

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