Bangladesh Show On Oct 5 Bangladesh Show On Oct 5

The sixth edition of Bangladesh show, with the theme Vintage Recall, Denim Goes Back To Its Root is all set to take place at Hotel Radisson in Dhaka on October five. This two-day semiannual denim show provides a platform where the global denim community comes together with an objective to share, interact and establish future transactions with this very important supplier nation Bangladesh.

Sandeep Agarwal, founder of Bangladesh said that their objective has been always to show the world the immense opportunity in Bangladesh through the denim shows.

The current production of denim involves high technology in spinning, weaving and finishing and the industry works on possibilities of giving the vintage character on the outside while using the high technology inside the fabric. Vintage Recall celebrates this aspect of the denim trend direction.

The event this time will have couple of seminars by international denim experts and veterans where they will share their ideas on the different prospects of denim.

The global market size of denim industries is expected to be over 78 billion US dollar by 2020, out of which more than 70 per cent could come from Asia. Bangladesh has a huge potential in the textile, especially in denim and is already the top supplier of denim products to EU with exports over 1.1 billion US dollar.

-Apparel Talk, Indian Apparel