Denim Expo Begins At Dhaka From May 11

Denim Expo Begins At DhakaThe Bangladesh Denim Expo will be held in Dhaka from May 11 to showcase the best denim and resources from Bangladesh and beyond.

“This show features denim mills, laundries, finishers and the entire denim supply chain, with the previous expo in November drawing more than 2,500 visitors,” organiser sources said.

The two-day event is an opportunity for international fashion professionals to visit Dhaka and experience the value, quality and fashion available in Bangladesh.

Exhibitors include Absolute Denim from Thailand, Raymond Uco from India, A&E from USA, Garmon from Italy and Bangladesh mills like Partex and manufacturer-laundries such as Denim Expert.

Mostafiz Uddin, founder of Bangladesh Denim Expo, said, “Bangladesh is the second largest supplier of denim goods to Europe, and the third largest to the USA and this expo showcases our passion for denim.”

The Bangladesh Denim Expo not only aims to grow the denim trade in Bangladesh, but also to encourage better business practices and raise living standards of Bangladeshi people.

Surplus funds from the show will be channeled into a seed fund for a Denim University in the country to train workers and promote knowledge about the jeans business.

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