Denim Art Studio

Denim Art Studio By Spykar At NGF

Denim Art StudioDenim brand Spykar set up a Denim Art Studio, combining the elements of art, music and paints with Spykar’s denims at the recently held National Garment Fair in Mumbai.
“Festooned with Spykar denims on the walls, and live music creating a soothing aura around, the Denim Art Studio served to a huge number of crowd during all three days of the event,” the brand said in a press release. With over 10,000 people visiting the fair on each day, the Spykar stall attracted over 3,000.

“This kept the feel of the stall young and fresh, just like the brand and the stall was surrounded with several buyers, invitees and other hosts,” it added.

While the crowd strolled from stall-to-stall at the fair at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Spykar attracted them with live music of acoustics and percussions, and artists painting colorful pictures.

“This unique installation is a part of our endeavour to connect with our customers which mainly comprises the youth aged between 18 and 25 years,” Sanjay Vakharia, director marketing said.

Spykar has been voted as the “Most Exciting Indian Brand” in the Denim Category by Brand Equity in a survey carried out.

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