D-House Laboratorio Urbano Presents "Printed Rituals" at Milan Design Week 2024

D-House Laboratorio Urbano Presents “Printed Rituals” at Milan Design Week 2024

D-house laboratorio urbano invites visitors to experience “Printed Rituals,” a captivating project conceived by Guardini Ciuffreda Studio in collaboration with Kornit Digital. This immersive exhibition is designed for profound reflection, urging guests to contemplate their place and purpose in the world.

Location and Schedule: The exhibition will take place at Via Lodovico il Moro, 25 in Milan from April 16th to April 21st, between 10:00 am and 8:30 pm, offering an exclusive and creatively inspiring networking experience.

Innovative Collaboration: Teaming up with Kornit Digital, D-house laboratorio urbano showcases cutting-edge projects that explore new technologies in fashion, design, and automotive sectors.

The Art of “Printed Rituals”: Visitors will explore a cozy and inviting environment, where fashion, design, and creativity converge to create an immersive journey. Vibrant garments adorn the space, symbolizing a ritual of profound spirituality.

Creative Vision: Inspired by the Moryama House, Guardini Ciuffreda Studio challenges traditional notions of expressive spaces. Their sustainable innovation leads to a dream-like installation, inviting visitors to decode poetic dimensions.

Limitless Creativity with Kornit Digital: The exhibition showcases the mesmerizing dual visual experience of printed fabrics transformed into three-dimensional codes. Kornit’s cutting-edge technology pushes boundaries, offering unparalleled freedom of expression.

Sustainable Innovation: With Kornit’s pigment water-based production, “Printed Rituals” aligns with the urgent need for sustainable practices, eliminating water waste and reducing environmental impact.

Embark on a distinctive journey within the realm of design. Visitors can book their experience for tea demonstrations and boat trips via the dedicated online platform.

Experience the fusion of art, design, and technology at “Printed Rituals” during Milan Design Week 2024.