Cotton USA shows its commitment to Innovation at Cotton Days

Cotton USA shows its commitment to Innovation at Cotton Days

Tokyo recently hosted the 23rd Cotton day, where Cotton day originated as a celebration for starting of the US cotton Planting season. Under the theme ‘What’s New in Cotton’, Cotton USA has taken the initiative to promote inventive technologies at Cotton days in Taiwan and Japan. Being the promoter of US cotton fibre and manufactured cotton products globally, it promotes new varieties to mills, fabric manufacturers, brands, retailers and consumers.

About 390 Cotton USA licensees and potential licenses throughout the supply chain were brought together at the Cotton Days in Tokyo, Japan, and Taipei, Taiwan. In addition, more than 85 press representatives attended.

Cotton USA to show its commitment to innovation has introduced its ‘What’s New in Cotton’ initiative in 2017 with an objective of inspiring the target audience to think about the many opportunities in U.S. cotton and, ultimately, to specify more U.S. cotton in their products. At Cotton day, Models wearing innovative US cotton-rich outfits appeared on stage and walked down the ramp. Some of Cotton USA’s new innovations on display included traceability, recovery wear, digital printing, and antimicrobial products.

The guests took a closer look at the garments and home textile products at the reception after the show. It helped attendees see the potential of US cotton and seemed to have inspired them, having received several inquiries about how to contact the venders during and after the event. Cotton Council International (CCI) president Ted Schneider gave a well-received presentation on sustainability and the responsible production of US cotton, incorporating his own story as a farmer.

In Taiwan, Chia Her and Tah Tong Textile provided innovative US cotton-rich fabrics for the famous designer Justin Chou to create fashionable and comfortable outfits. Local designers also participated in Cotton Day to get more information on new innovative fabrics for their future designs.

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