Cool Colors

Cool Colors Presents ‘Leisure Hideaway’

Cool Colors Popular menswear brand Cool Colors has launched its latest collection ‘Leisure Hideaway’ to offer formidable checks and stripes collections for its customers.

Inspired by the Gusto of the Traveller to explore and find his inner piece amidst the serenity of exclusive and elusive destination, the brand captured the spirit of the individual, his reflections and the moments. The story fuels the collection as each piece was carefully crafted to offer an accurate portrayal and transport the viewers and the wearer.

Leisure Hideaway features some of its most creative work till date as the brand explores a wide range of designs, fabrics and stripes. From the vibrancy of its bold and impressive solid shirts, to the duality of check shirts, brand is now the intriguing expression of stripes. The entire range voices a trendy yet refined look that breaks the norm and creates truly unique impressions.

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