Conference To Focus On Sustainable Textiles

Sustainable TextilesCleaner and greener processing solutions from both machinery and chemicals and dyestuffs in a synchronous fashion will be discussed at a day-long conference on ‘Innovations for Sustainable Textile Production … Connecting the Dots’ in Mumbai on February 20.

The theme highlights the need to improve production practices for sustainable working and growth of the textile industry, according to the Society of Dyers and Colourists-Education Charity (SDC-EC, India), the organiser of the event.

An approach, synchronising the developments in processing machinery, chemicals and dyestuffs, and effluent treatment methods, is desired in today’s scenario, SDC-EC said.

The international conference aims to address the problems faced by the textile industry, with regards to effective use of fast depleting natural resources and curtail its adverse environmental impacts. It will provide an insight to the possible solutions to the textile processing industry for cleaner and greener chemicals and dyestuffs, sustainable processing techniques, better processing machinery and effective effluent treatment methods.

Speakers of global repute will be sharing their knowledge in the conference, which will start with a panel discussion. Representatives of various brands, chemical companies, garment manufacturing firms, machinery manufacturers, laboratories and textile processors will be participating in the event.

About 500 delegates are expected to attend the conference. UK-based SDC-EC has been successfully organising conferences and seminars which are being well received by the global industry for their technical content.

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