Louis Philippe

Comfort Vote Quality Label Award For Louis Philippe

Louis PhilippeMadura Fashion & Lifestyle portfolio apparel brand Louis Philippe has been awarded the ‘Comfort Vote Quality Label’ by German testing and research centre, Hohenstein Institute.
The Institute in a release said Louis Philippe has been awarded the label in the product category of shirts and is also the only brand to receive this award in India.

“We want our clothes to be stylish, elegant and comfortable as to meet the requirements of the Indian gentleman, which has been our goal since 1989,” Jacob John, COO of Louis Philippe brand said.

“Since one of the most essential quality characteristics is the wear comfort, we felt the urge to put our shirts to test by an objective analysis and evaluation of Hohenstein Institute,” John added.

Hohenstein’s evaluation of wear comfort is based on thermophysiological properties and skin sensorial characteristics.

By testing the wear comfort of Louis Philippe shirts, the thermoregulatory model of human skin was used to assess processes of heat and moisture management of the shirts. “This test includes measure of breathability, sweat buffering and transport of the shirt,” Hohenstein informed.

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