Comeback of Fashion Retailer American Apparel

Comeback of Fashion Retailer American Apparel

The iconic North American fashion brand American Apparel that rose to stardom for its ‘Made in Los Angeles’ clothing is back in business.

There are close to no changes in the design and appearance of in branding but with its new factories in Honduras, the fashion retailer is reconsidering its initial product pitch.

The brand is now shifting focus towards ethical production and dedicates sections on its website that talk about ‘green’ energy, healthcare prospects for workers and a more diverse marketing agenda in general.

The brand is still trying to give America a chance by selling a series of identical product twins where one is made in the US and the other is ‘imported’. These will be displayed side by side on a brand-new page on their website, where the banner commandingly reads “We are sweatshop free and ethically made regardless of location. You decide!”

Although the American products are far more expensive (by a margin of around 20 per cent) and offer fewer options in terms of colours, the industry is keenly watching American Apparel’s endeavour as it has become a testing ground for the world to see if people actually want to buy local or not.

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