CCMAI's Insightful Sessions On Brand Building And Digital Marketing At Achievers Club

CMAI’s Insightful Sessions On Brand Building And Digital Marketing At Achievers Club

CMAI Achievers Club successfully hosted a knowledge-cum-success story sessions – ‘Decoding Digital Marketing’ by Temujin Mansukhani & Suraj Adhikari from Schbang Academy, one of India’s leading digital marketing agencies followed by a captivating talk titled ‘How to Build a Brand – The Go Colors Way’ by Gautam Saraogi, Co-Founder & CEO of Go Colors moderated by Rahul Mehta, Chief Mentor. The captivating sessions helped industry members to unlock valuable insights, enhance skills, feel inspired as take charge as empowered Entrepreneurs. The Digital Marketing session helped members understand its impact, discover brands which grew exponentially using Digital Marketing and elaborated on Digitalisation to strengthen Customer Relationship Management. The Brand Building session encompassed key aspects of Consumer Retail, Marketing, Brand Building and Garment manufacturing. Welcoming the audience, Rajesh Masand, President, Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI), said, “The objective of the Achievers Club is to learn from distinguished speakers, professionals, and brand owners about their journeys and business models, which can inspire and guide us in our own ventures. In today’s challenging environment for brand creation, many claim to be brand owners, but there is a significant difference between a mere label and a true brand. Gone are the days when simply opening a shop would guarantee sales; the business landscape has constantly evolved, and it is essential for us to adapt and learn these new strategies to enhance our success.”
During the discussion Gautam Saraogi revealed the inspiring journey of Go Colors highlighting the importance of resilience, adaptability, and strategic focus in building a successful brand. From running an export business that did not see much success, the family decided to pivot to domestic retail, identifying a gap in the women’s bottom wear market in 2010-2011, and launched a domestic brand focusing on leggings and other bottom wear for women. Initially, they faced complexities of general trade, but the turning point came in 2011 when they opened a kiosk in a mall, which was a mega success. This triumph led them to rapid expansion, with over 80 kiosks in two years.
By 2013-2014, they had built a 45-crore business and decided to seek investment to grow further. In 2014, Sequoia Capital invested $10 million, which enabled further expansion but also led to missteps in advertising and international ventures. Despite the challenges, Go Colors opened a full-fledged store, which proved to be a game-changer. Sales tripled, and by focusing on a single product category and maintaining frugality in expenditures, they rapidly expanded from 1 store to 200 stores within two years. By 2017, Go Colors had turned profitable, and today, with 720 stores, it stands as a strong brand in the Indian retail market. He acknowledged that Retailing online and digital marketing played a crucial role in the success of Go Colors and provided significant growth opportunities and expanding its market reach. He recognised the potential of e-commerce and explained how he leveraged it to reach a broader audience beyond the physical store locations. Online platforms allowed Go Colors to tap into the growing trend of online shopping, providing convenience and accessibility to customers nationwide. Additionally, digital marketing strategies, including social media and targeted advertising, helped in building brand awareness and engaging with customers directly. Having online presence not
only increased sales but also provided valuable insights into consumer preferences, enabling the company to refine its product offerings and marketing tactics. By integrating digital strategies with their retail model, Go Colors successfully expanded its footprint and solidified its brand in a competitive market.
The other session ‘Decoding Digital Marketing’ by Schbang Academy, highlighted the importance of understanding the Indian market’s unique characteristics and leveraging an integrated approach combining creativity, technology, and strategic planning. By addressing every stage of the consumer journey from awareness to retention, the Speakers beautifully enlightened how brands can create meaningful and engaging experiences that drive growth and loyalty.
Case studies on brands like H&M, IMS, and Crompton highlighted the impact of targeted digital campaigns. These examples demonstrated significant increase in engagement and customer interaction through creative content, strategic planning, and advanced technology. The use of voice search optimisation was also showcased, improving brand visibility and engagement. Practical takeaways included adopting a holistic approach that combines creative content, strategic media planning, and advanced technology to address all stages of the consumer journey. Personalization is key, using data to tailor customer experiences and ensure relevant interactions. An omnichannel presence is essential, ensuring brand visibility across multiple platforms and touchpoints to capture a broader audience.
The presentation made by Schbang Academy encapsulated the following points: –
1. Understanding the Pulse of India is crucial for successful brand engagement. It requires cultural sensitivity and a localised approach to resonate with consumers. This involves integrating local nuances and preferences into campaigns to create a strong connection with the audience.
2. The Consumer journey can be divided into three main stages – awareness, consideration, and conversion. At the top of the funnel, awareness is generated through digital integration, utilizing various formats like social media, video content, and influencer marketing. This is akin to offline billboards creating brand visibility. Moving to the middle of the funnel, the consideration stage focuses on creating engaging experiences, allowing consumers to interact with the brand. This is achieved through diverse content forms, ensuring the brand remains memorable. At the bottom of the funnel, the conversion stage involves activation, where consumers start interacting with the brand’s offerings, and retention, which includes personalized follow-ups to maintain engagement and loyalty.
3. Creative and Technical solutions are essential for comprehensive brand development. This includes integrated marketing services covering brand ethos, guidelines, and multi-channel strategies. An in-house production studio allows for quick content creation, providing flexibility and immediacy in campaign execution. Every content piece is geared towards delivering measurable ROI, whether in terms of sales or brand engagement.
4. Technology and Media Planning are critical components of a successful strategy. This involves managing D2C brands, marketplace presence, and providing strategies for sponsored ads and paid media. Effective SEO and content marketing are emphasized to ensure the brand is discoverable online, driving organic traffic.
The Achievers Club by CMAI continues to be a pivotal platform for apparel manufacturers and brand owners, fostering an environment of learning and growth. By featuring industry leaders like Gautam
Saraogi of Go Colors and the experts from Schbang Academy, CMAI provided its members with essential knowledge and practical strategies to navigate the evolving market landscape. The success stories and innovative marketing approaches shared during these sessions not only inspire but also equip participants with the tools needed to elevate their brands. As the apparel industry faces new challenges and opportunities, the CMAI Achievers Club remains committed to guiding its members towards sustainable success and industry excellence. The event was attended by more than 60 MSME apparel brands and manufacturers.
About CMAI Achievers Club The CMAI Achievers Club is an initiative that unites like-minded brand owners and MSME apparel manufacturers with a shared goal of elevating their brands to new heights. Through this platform, CMAI members gain the opportunity to learn from the industry’s top thought leaders, change makers, and innovators. By sharing their experiences, these experts provide participants with invaluable insights and strategies to grow their business. Majority of the members are young, second-generation Entrepreneurs, in the process of taking over their business and having a broader vision and ambition. The mission of Achievers Club is to encourage powerful vision, strategies, goals, get real world insights from experts, address specific pain points affecting growth and progress thus getting results faster than others.