China Top Importer Of Indian Cotton

Indian CottonChina has emerged as the largest importer of Indian cotton over the last three years. The country has imported cotton worth 696.5 million US Dollar in the first 11 months of fiscal 2014-15. In 2013-14, India exported cotton worth 1912.95 million US Dollar to China while the figure was 2237.38 million US Dollar in 2012-13. In April-February 2014-15, India exported cotton worth 1707.59 million US Dollar.

Among India’s neighbouring countries, Bangladesh was the next largest importer. In 2014-15, till February, India exported cotton worth 510.26 million US Dollar against 2013-14’s figure of 698.88 million US Dollar. In 2012-13, Indian cotton export to Bangladesh was worth 610.06 million US Dollar.

Vietnam was in third place as cotton importer from India. In April-February 2014-15, India’s cotton exports to Vietnam touched 214.46 million US Dollar against 220.34 million US Dollar in 2013-14 and 166.51 million US Dollar in 2012-13.

The fourth largest importer in the neighbourhood, Pakistan, imported cotton worth 79.15 million US Dollar from India in April-February 2014-15. In 2013-14, it had imported cotton worth 343.35 million US Dollar from India while the figure was 392.78 million US Dollar in 2012-13.

Taiwan was the fifth largest importer of Indian cotton. In 2014-15 (till February), India exported cotton worth 39.59 million US Dollar. In 2013-14, Taiwan imported Indian cotton worth 43.80 million US Dollar. In 2012-13, India exported cotton worth 42.91 million US Dollar to Taiwan.

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