China Sourcing Fair titled Garment & Textile 2014 at Miami

The Oldest International Garment and Textile Fair of United States has returned on June 2014 at Miami beach conventional center in China. This Garment and Textile fair was held on June 2014 by China Sourcing Fair. This Exhibition is one of the best and major event in China. This Exhibition was held between 19th to 21st June 2014. These three days fair included garments, sports/casual Wears, kids wear, knitwear, fabrics, sweaters, etc.

In India, two major garment fairs held at Mumbai and Ahmedabad which received a good amount of response from different buyers and sellers. in Both events, different garments were included like kids wear, Men’s wear, Women’s wear, sports and casual wear, fabrics, sweaters etc. Both the events drew a large crowd from adjoining area. In Mumbai, the 59th National Garment Fair was held at Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai from 23rd June 2014. This Fair was conducted by CMAI. In Ahmedabad, 23rd GGMA National Garment Fair was organised at Gujarat University Exhibition Hall, Ahmedabad. This fair was held on 26th June 2014.

About China Sourcing Fair:

The China Sourcing fairs are the trade fairs organized by Global Sources. Global Sources is on of the top business-to-business trade media company. In these events, different buyers, suppliers and sellers come together under a single roof to a network and do the deals between April to December in Every Year. In this fair,, Global Sources Company connects exporters from Asia and buyers from all parts of the world.

Watch the following Video to know about the big changes are coming to China Sourcing Fairs in 2014.

This fairs expects different Exporters, importers, Retailers, Whole sellers, Manufacturers, Agents, and department stores as the target visitors.