China hosts Seminar to expand silk production

China hosts Seminar to expand silk production

Leaders from China and Cuba’s silk industry met in Havana last week to discuss ways to expand silk production in the Caribbean country and offered guidance on improving the production and industrialization of silk in Cuba. The meetup also planned to explore a new area of bilateral growth between the two countries at a seminar sponsored by the centre for Foreign Economic Cooperation (CCEE) o the ministry of Agriculture of China.

Li Bin, representative of the CCEE said that this is not only a training project, but also contributes to China-Cuba cooperation. Participants hope this course could become a platform where they would share information, attract business investment and increase exchanges.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Cuba has a five-year sericulture, or silk farming program, and seeks to expand not only its knowledge of the sector but also attract Chinese investment.

Cuba is adopting sericulture as a sustainable alternative to support the development of its biomedical, biotechnological, cosmetic and textile industries.

China has been cooperating with Cuba for five years now and there is a small sericulture experimental field in operation. Their courses here are intended to introduce all relevant technology and products in the sericulture downstream industrial chain to Cuban researchers.

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