Celebration Of 400 Years Of Danish Fashion

Danish FashionThe Copenhagen-based Designmuseum Danmark has opened a permanent exhibition charting and is celebrating the 400 year-long history of fashion and textiles titled Fashion and Fabric.

Featuring more than 350 exhibits sourced from the museum’s vast collections, the event aims to provide insight into the history of fashion and textile design with a special emphasis on Danish developments in the related fields.

Divided chronologically into three thematic lines including Design and Decoration, Handicrafts and Industry, Body and Identity, the display will analyze how the design, textile techniques, manufacturing processes, tastes and fashion ideals of people changed through the ages.

Speaking about the exhibits, the exhibition’s curator, Keeper Kirsten Toftegaard, said, “We want this exhibition to show the connection between fashion and textile on numerous levels. We want to educate our visitors about Danish fashion and textile design, a field, which is currently enjoying international recognition.”

Some of the major attractions of the event include an ostrich feathers embroidered evening dress by designer Erik Mortensen for the French fashion house Balmain’s winter 1986-1987 collection and an array of duchesse satin crafted exquisite outfits by Holger Blom.

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