CCEA Approves Mandatory Packaging By Jute Material

CCEAThe Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), chaired by the Prime Minister, Mr.  Narendra Modi, has approved to have mandatory packaging of foodgrains and sugar in Jute material to the minimum extent of 90 per cent and 20 per cent respectively for the Jute Year 2014-15 with certain exemptions.

This preserves the position as in the past and helps the jute sector. There had been concerns that the reservation for jute packaging would be reduced. However, in order to preserve and promote this vital sector which generates a lot of livelihoods for farmers and workers, the CCEA has decided that the following commodities may be reserved for jute packaging for the Jute Year 2014-15, to the extent mentioned below:

Commodity Minimum percentage to be reserved for packaging in Jute
Food-grains *90 per cent of the production
Sugar 20 per cent of the production

“With the stipulation that in the first instance, the indents for the whole requirement would be placed for the jute bags and in case the jute mills would not be able to provide the jute bags as per the requisition, then a dilution upto 10 per cent would be permissible by the department of food in consultation with the ministry of textiles.”

Sugar packed for export but which could not be exported may be exempted from the operation of the order on the basis of an assessment by and request of the department of food and public distribution.

“In case of any shortage or disruption in supply of jute packaging material or in other contingency/exigency, the ministry of textiles may, in consultation with the user ministries concerned, relax these provisions further, up to a maximum of 30 per cent of the production of foodgrains,” an official release said.

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