‘BIAS 2015′, A Major Sourcing Show At Brazil

Brazil International Apparel Sourcing Show 2015Brazil, one of the fastest-growing major economies in the world, will host ‘Brazil International Apparel Sourcing Show 2015’ (BIAS 2015) at Transamerica Expo Centre, Sao Paulo in Brazil from May 27.

The three-day event will showcase readymade apparel/garment collection from all over Asia, including South Asia, South East Asia and China.

Since Brazil’s textile industry is termed as ‘A world of untapped potential’ and fourth largest market in the world for textile after US, China and Japan, the BIAS 15 will cater to the manufacturers of readymade apparel and garment of the South American region.

The event will also enable apparel buyers based in Brazil and entire South American region to network and interact with apparel manufacturers from entire Asia in a perfect B2B hub of Sao Paulo and meet international apparel manufacturers face to face for excellent qualities and reasonable prices. The finest products will be brought to the show from top Asian manufacturers for exports worldwide. Original designs and innovation, combined with traditional quality and style will be the key to the exhibition’s success, organiser sources said.

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