Bianco to Present Textile Eco-Clean Washing Line at India ITME

Bianco to Present Textile Eco-Clean Washing Line at India ITME

Italian specialist of fabric finishing machinery, ‘Bianco’ will display its advanced and eco-clean washing line ‘Happy Scour’ to remove weaving oils with reduced economic and environmental impact at the India ITME 2016.

The machine has been especially developed for finishing of knitted or woven fabrics made from synthetic fibre or elastomer, which are the most sensitive to shrinkage and have the highest oil content. This technology can be successfully applied on all kinds of fabrics, even the ones that need washing before heat setting.

The shortening of the dyeing time due to the absence of fabric pre-treatment has minimal damage on fibre, resultantly the fibre properties remain almost unchanged. The Happy Scour process also guarantees the best recipe in terms of performance and cost saving.

The consumption of water inside the washing tank is only given by the fabrics absorption. The second rinsing tank gives excellent results, primarily due to the innovative nozzles washing fabrics on both sides, thereby leading to extremely reduced water consumption in the range of 4-6 litres per kg of fabrics.

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