UCB Unveils its Foremost Art Collectible Line #UnitedbyArt

Benetton India Unveils its Foremost Art Collectible Line #UnitedbyArt

Benetton India revealed an exclusive collectible line #UnitedbyArt in the capital recently in collaboration with established artists of the country echoing its long-standing dedication to the art. The collectible line, titled #UnitedbyArt, was unveiled by the talent powerhouse & leading voice of fashion Rhea Kapoor at the ongoing India Fashion Week by FDCI.

Since 1965, Benetton has strived to promote identity through equality, diversity and optimism. And art has a somewhat deep and complex relationship with identity. This project reinforces the theme of ‘Social Integration’, that has long been dear to the Benetton brand, imbuing it with new meaning. Keeping this as a broad spectrum, Benetton has curated an art collective with some very talented artists of India. This synthesis aims to promote cross-generational dialogue about the subject through the medium of art.

Renowned worldwide for its colors, knitwear expertise and social commitment with a blend of Italian style and global research, Benetton collections present on-trend, quality outfits, in the respect of the environment and with the goal of creating a brighter future for all humans. This is the first edition keeping the aesthetic of empowering artists and integrating fashion for storytelling by introducing a capsule collection of special collectible round neck T-shirts with the artworks.

The artists who are part of this coveted project are –

Somenath Maity

Bhaskar Rao Botcha

Biswajit Mondal

Julio D’ Souza

Sachin Jaltare

Pappu Bardhan

Sachindranath Jha

Siddharth Shingade


Aarushi Kumar Patel

Bandana Kumari

Illoosh Judge Ahluwalia

Oinam Dilip

Suchit Sahni

Art forms the DNA of Benetton linking it back to Imgao Mundi – the art collection of works commissioned and collected by Luciano Benetton on his travels around the world including India – Art without borders and Fabrica, the research centre which is an integral part of Benetton group.

Excited about this unique initiative, Sundeep Chugh, Managing Director & CEO, Benetton India said, ‘Benetton is a brand built on innovation. Benetton has always kept creativity and social relevance central to our culture and we have consistently strived to do business in a way our associates, partners and customers can be proud of. Art is very close to our cultural fabric and this special collectible line is our commitment to empower the artists and bring them to the forefront. We are proud to see the paintings coming alive with the first collectible line; every artwork has a creative story to tell keeping the core of Benetton in mind.’

The highlight of the reveal was the first ever Instagram LIVE auction. Rhea Kapoor along with popular fashion influencers – Pallavi Ruhail, Bahaar Dhawan Rohatgi, Rasna Bhasin and Sherry Shroff came forth to support the initiative by taking the auction LIVE and securing the first 1965 likes on one of the coveted polo shirts to win the collectible. Integration of heritage & philosophy was seamlessly celebrating the Benetton DNA.

Sharing her excitement on being a part of the first of its kind initiative by Benetton, Rhea Kapoor said ‘I am elated to be a part of this significant creative platform by Benetton in India. Benetton is a brand, which has always been close to my heart. It is a brand that a generation has grown up wearing and connects with, not only within the realm of fashion but for its path-breaking socially relevant campaigns over the years. The #UnitedbyArt is a commendable effort to celebrate fashion & art and I am excited to take home for myself from the first collectible line- already waiting for the next one now’.

The avidity in the air was palpable as guests arrived to witness a celebration of the history of craftsmanship; a signature of Benetton reflected in the special collectible line.

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