Attempt To Revolutionize The Fashion Industry In India

 The Fashion Industry In IndiaIndustry leaders from Fashion & Apparel sector came together under one roof in Gurgaon’s leading fashion institute, Institute of Apparel Management to discuss on the new innovations, techniques and workforce required to meet the need of this industry in the current digital scenario.

The event was organized on Apparel Management, and industry leaders like, Virender Uppal, chairman, AEPC, Darlie Koshy, DG & CEO, IAM & ATDC, Rahul Mehta, A. Sakthivel, took part in the discussion.

The primary agenda of the meeting was to highlight growing influence of E-commerce and M-commerce which debuted smartly on “our imagination and has successfully embedded itself in mainstream fashion”. When it comes to fashion, rules are made and limits are tested. Therefore, in tandem with the ‘Make-in-India’ motto, the discussions were set to cultivate skill to meet upcoming challenges on the home turf.

The outcome of the discussions will bring lot of innovative approaches and new ideas for overall growth of domestic and export sector and artistic future, Somesh Singh, Director, IAM said.

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